The Firm's Mission

To enable commercial enterprises — especially small and medium business founders and entrepreneurs — to succeed.

Why Paul

Have you ever thought —

It would be great to run this issue by a lawyer?

I wonder if we’re doing something that will get us into trouble with the State or the Feds?

I’d like the services of a trusted advisor?

It would be great to have something big companies have — a dedicated legal professional who knows your goals and can give practical advice based on the business you have?

If you have thought any of these things and not called a lawyer, you may have been worried about the cost. Or the delay.

You should not fear these issues anymore. I provide the same type of services a general counsel can provide for your business but at a fraction of the cost.

I am not in-house — and therefore the cost will be far lower than an in-house general counsel — but I pledge to meet and discuss what you are trying to accomplish.

I have first-hand knowledge and experience to give practical legal advice based on the types of business decisions that a small and medium-sized business owner must make every day.

I understand that the business typically constitutes the biggest asset of the owner of a small to medium sized company (“SME”). As an SME owner, you would...READ MORE


    consult an attorney on a more regular basis if you perceived value in doing so. You recognize that you probably have legal issues but the business might not be able to afford a dedicated general counsel.  In effect, you might fail to seek help because, in effect, fear of legal fees outweighs the fear of messing up.

    Or, you might think you can do it on your own. That you can solve any issue. Many SME owners are focused on the “idea” of the business and are either unaware of the depth of issues with marketing and selling the product or service they want to develop or do not understand the importance of the legal, financial accounts, and insurance issues in creating a successful business. Also, many SME owners cannot even imagine that anyone would ever have a dispute with them or doubt their word.

    However, bad things can happen and ruin or even bankrupt the business if these matters are not addressed. A general counsel who understands your business and your needs can address these and help you avoid these dire consequences.

    Most attorneys have practiced in firms, not in-house, and the in-house environment demands a different approach to practice. Although many small firm attorneys make business decisions for their own firms, few appreciate the different environment in which most SMEs operate. I do appreciate those differences.

    Finally, many attorneys give advice conditioned on a multitude of exceptions, and often the advice has taken a long time to generate. Often, that is because they do not understand what you do. That is unhelpful to you, who wants one answer now or within a day or two, not a treatise in a month.

I am determined to do the best possible job for my clients.


Here is an episode from my career that shows my determination


The Setting:

In 2007, I was working full time at Epeus, which is now a global advisory firm focused on construction projects for offshore specialty vessels like drilling rigs.


The Provocation:

Epeus’ founder received an ultimatum from shareholders in an affiliated company:


The Meaning:

Epeus would be bankrupt.


The Play:

Epeus’ main projects at that point centered on a joint venture in Ghana at the Port of Tema, which required Epeus expertise for success. But who knew whether the clients appreciated that fact?

The only possible solution included a personal visit to the clients in Ghana, as well as Ghanaian authorities who were looking to the joint venture as a possible path to further development of its major port facilities. But who would make that trip.

I did. While I was waiting to board the aircraft bound for Ghana, however, one of the dissident shareholders sent me a text:

“We are watching you and the authorities will be waiting for you when you land.”

The threat was clear: I would be arrested and jailed upon arrival in Ghana. But what was the choice if Epeus were to be saved? Despite the threat, I went.


The Upshot:

As it turned out, the threat was a bluff.  Working day and night, I spent the following three weeks helping to convince the clients to stay with Epeus on the projects in question, as well as helping to soothe the Ghanaian officials that their hopes for development would be realized. The work included drafting new contracts with the clients, meetings with officials, and filing for injunctive relief in Ghana against the dissident group.

Epeus not only survived, but has gone on to become the foremost consulting firm in its niche.

My background and experience allows me to address the real concerns of SME owners by giving common sense, practical advice in a timely manner.

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